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At Serán, we use science-first methodology and cutting-edge drug delivery technologies to enable our client's medicines and improve patients' lives.

Why Serán

A science-driven approach to drug development

Serán is an industry-leading drug development partner that provides a comprehensive selection of development and clinical manufacturing services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We utilize state-of-the-art formulation and dosage-form technologies and advanced analytical and materials-science methodologies to identify optimum and scalable solutions for our client’s medicines.

Drug Development Solutions

A Comprehensive Selection of Enabling Solutions

Serán provides a breadth of world class services to rapidly advance client’s new medicines.  From early discovery enablement through first in human formulations, and late stage process development, our experienced employees use cutting edge technologies to ensure your drug product formulation is robust and scalable.

There's a science to success


Tailored drug development solutions that address your unique challenges that meet your milestones and ensure success by helping your product reach patients faster.

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Best-in-class scientific methodology, regulatory expertise, and technical competence to take on the most complex projects to enable efficient advancement of your drug to the clinic and beyond.

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A partner you can rely on that is invested in your success. Our mission is to unlock the potential of your therapeutic asset and support you throughout your drug development journey.

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"I’ve been impressed with Serán. One of the things we really look for is flexibility. They are a good combination of flexibility and technical competence."
"The scientists we met at Serán were top notch."
"Customers come for the flexibility and stay for the dedication."
"Make a batch on time. Reliable CDMO, quality product within the timelines."
"Your constant commitment to our partnership and the technical focus on behalf of our clinical asset is second to none. From the 1st day we called to quickly take another path... you have been dedicated to quickly hit the targets at each step. We thank you as well on behalf of patients..."
"I highly recommend Serán. They can do some things with powders that few others are capable of. Beyond being great scientists, they are great people with whom to work."
“When I think solutions to solubility problems, I think Serán”

Accelerated Growth


Serán is committed to expanding our technical capabilities and facilities to better serve our customers from pre-clinical development through full-scale commercialization.

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110,000 sq ft cGMP Manufacturing Facility

Serán is constructing a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to commercial manufacturing.

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Late stage clinical and commercial scale spray drying

State-of-the-art, large-scale dryer supports late-stage clinical drug product portfolios

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New Development Facilities

Enables development of novel formulations and advances complex molecules into clinical studies.

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Quality Control Laboratory

Quality systems and regulatory expertise. Extensive capability to support full release testing and stability testing as well as microbial testing. Serán has on-site ICH storage at 2-8°C, CRT, 25°C/60% RH, 30°C/65% RH, 40°C/75% RH.

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Our team has decades of experience in process engineering and scaleup activities, including product launches and commercial manufacturing.

Serán employs a wide range of pharmaceutical manufacturing operations, including nano particulates, spray drying, hot melt extrusion, fluid bed processing, dry and wet granulation, solid dosage forms (tablets, capsules, and OPCs), and many other enabling approaches.