Serán's Large Scale Spray Dryer Now Fully Operational

Our state-of-the-art, large-scale spray dryer is now fully operational and is being used to support many of our client’s late-stage clinical drug product portfolios. The SD-720 spray drying system was custom designed and built by Serán engineers. It is our largest spray dryer – similar in throughput to a GEA PSD-3 – and can utilize all common organic spray drying solvents including DCM and THF. Additionally, the SD-720 is an environmentally responsible choice utilizing both a closed-loop system and highly efficient dual-stage condenser design. These features boost throughput over a single-stage system and improve efficiency when utilizing common binary solvent mixtures.

The addition of the SD-720 further enables Serán’s commitment to a science-first approach to drug product solutions. The design of this spray dryer compliments other tools in the Serán manufacturing train (SD-45, SD-90, and SD-180 spray dryer scales) and allows rapid scale-up and transfer from early-clinical to late-stage with minimal development work, saving our clients time and money.

About Serán Bioscience-

Recognized as a world leader in drug development, Serán Biosciences utilizes a foundation of physical and chemical sciences to design robust formulations and engineering solutions to some of the industry's toughest drug product problems. Our experience and background cover a wide range of pharmaceutical manufacturing concepts. Bringing our world-class expertise to you and your drug product is our passion. Serán’s team has decades of experience developing complex drug molecules into enabling medicines. From preclinical to GMP and beyond, Serán is here to support you and your drug product every step of the way.