Meet Our Expert at AAPS PharmSci 360 in Orlando
Meet Our Expert at AAPS PharmSci 360 in Orlando

Meet Our Expert at AAPS PharmSci 360 in Orlando

If you're attending AAPS, please make time in your schedule to hear Erica's presentation.

Abstract: Particle Engineering for High Concentration Protein Suspensions.

There is a growing interest across the industry in developing technologies for subcutaneous delivery of high dose protein therapeutics. High concentration protein solutions are limited by viscosity and stability; both phenomena are driven by protein-protein interactions in solution. Three primary approaches have emerged to overcome the technical challenges associated with high dose delivery: high volume delivery, viscosity reducing excipients, and high concentration suspensions. While high concentration suspensions represent the furthest departure from traditional parenteral formulations for therapeutic proteins, this approach has the potential to address both the syringability and stability challenges as well as to provide a broadly applicable technology platform.

Development of high concentration suspensions consists of two components, the solid-state formulation of the therapeutic and the vehicle, with a focus on achieving maximum syringable doses while maintaining protein stability. The protein must remain stable during the manufacturing process, in the solid state as an intermediate, and in suspension under appropriate storage conditions for autoinjectors (2-8 °C or ambient). Formulation and vehicle selection are largely driven by protein stability considerations, leaving particle form to be a key parameter in optimizing syringability. While there are a variety of proprietary technologies being developed to produce solid state protein for use in these systems, this talk focuses on the use of spray drying as a precedented and well-understood pharmaceutical unit operation to engineer particles for maximum performance in suspension.

For a formulation to be considered syringable from a pre-filled syringe, it must be dispensable with forces no more than 50 N and with no blockage. Particle properties such as size, polydispersity, morphology and density all impact the maximum concentration at which a suspension can be delivered using a given device and vehicle. In this talk, we show that high concentration suspensions comprised of spray-dried protein and a non-aqueous vehicle at greater than 20 wt% solids exhibit non-Newtonian behavior and follow expected theoretical trends for high concentration suspensions. We additionally investigate how particle size and distribution , formulation, and morphology impact dispensing force – comparing empirical syringe force data to the fundamental equations governing suspension viscosity . We identify that density is the key particle and powder attribute impacting syringability and consider how spray dried particles can be optimized to maximize deliverable doses in non-aqueous suspensions.

Learning Objectives:

- Describe the key design considerations for high concentration protein suspensions capable of delivering high dose protein therapeutics subcutaneously.

- Describe the impact of physical properties of microparticles on suspension behavior.

- Understand the design space in which spray drying can be leveraged to engineer particles to optimize suspension performance.

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Our experience and background cover a wide range of pharmaceutical manufacturing concepts bringing our world-class expertise to you and your drug product.