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Custom designed to meet your clinical demands

Engineered to meet solubility and release challenges

Translating a stable and robust formulation into a final delivery form is typically a complex and time-consuming process. Our formulation team will work with you and your drug’s TPP (target therapeutic profile) to design the smallest practical tablet or capsule that delivers optimal therapeutic performance. Serán complements industry-best production practices with the finest manufacturing equipment available to produce capsules and tablets that perform predictably and reliably.

The comprehensive understanding of the physicochemical properties of your drug that we gain during development, along with a tactical deployment of QbD (Quality by Design) and DoE (Design of Experiment) principals allows us to design an optimized dosage form, even in Phase 1. This increases the chances of your clinical success and scalability in later Phases, without significant impact to costs or timelines.

Whether you need a simple immediate-release capsule or a highly engineered controlled-release tablet, Serán has the experience and knowledge to find the best solution for your project. 



Your committed CMC partner.

Your drug is your future, but the path to a successful product is daunting. You need a CMC partner that’s as committed to your success as you are. Seràn offers a comprehensive set of drug-development services that begins with a detailed understanding of your project and goals. We deploy a science-based methodology that rapidly identifies a preferred approach that will enable an efficient  advancement of your drug to the clinic and beyond. Our science, quality systems, regulatory expertise, and customer service are second to none. 

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